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  • Rent a Ferrate Set in Ferrata Kyseľ Gorge.

    Equipped quickly and easily in a few minutes.

  • Tomorrow, do you go to the beautiful nature, Kysela gorge? No problem!

    The necessity and helper of any tourist who has decided to take down the gorge of Ferrate Kyseľ is also a special gear, "Ferrata set".

    With us, every tourist will find the equipment.

    Ferrate set for every nature lover.


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  • Do you want to know how the loan is going onbefore you can order the ferrate gear for the first time?

    All the time, you have a perfect overview of what is happening and what awaits you when booking.

    We are here for you and the rest is for you.

    The process of borrowing

  • For simpler decision making, let us pay attention to the rental price of a ferrate set.

    1-80 persons - 10 EUR / set

    Separately:     Helmet - 5 EUR

                         Silencer - 5 EUR

                         Seat - 5EUR

    Price list

  • Not every tourist has their own ferrate gear, or does not take it for luggage or other restrictions. In Ferrate Kyseľ is mandatory a ferry gear in the event of a breach of the order may be a worker of the National Park Slovenský raj or Stráže prírody block penalty. In the long run, your health is at stake, the value of which can be very difficult to quantify, and it is necessary to think about how much money can be saved by not having to pay doctors, medicines, that man can work, etc.

  • Englisch úvod
    Ohodnoďte nás